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I am pleased to write this humble note of appreciation to a one-of-a kind dentist who has the ability to beautify everything he touches. As one of his patients who was extremely annoyed with how my jaws looked like, I feel I should give him credit for a job well done by making it happen - a beautiful smile. Dr. Mohamed Adel Nadim is such a wonderful orthodontist who's got all what it takes. Thank you, Dr. Nadim, most sincerely for transferring me into another person; and a happier one.

Hala Elzahed

My experience with Dr. Mohammed Nadim and braces was much easier than I had expected it to be. I didn't like my smile before I had my braces, and now I proudly show off my teeth, after I took my braces off and saw my new smile I felt that I had went out and brought new teeth! It was absolutely wonderful.


Dear Dr. Mohamed Nadim, it was really nice at your clinic, you are a really nice doc. Every time I came to change my braces it was really clean and lovely at your clinic. You smile every time I come and there was many and very nice colors for the braces… I really enjoyed the time with you and I’m happy with my teeth right now. They are much better than before! And if I get another problem in my teeth, without thinking I will come to you! Thank you a lot.

Nelly ElZawahry

I like to see what happens to my tooth when the doctor makes a hole in it. I like the toys he gives me. I like to watch cartoons on his screen. I also like the names of his tools, one is called asfoora. I also like playing with his son Hussein and I like playing with him.

Abdel Rahman Sani Eldin

Dr. Mohamed Nadim is a great dentist, he had fixed my teeth that were awfully misplaced with 2 row braces. After 30 years of extreme suffering, I’m proud of who I am now. Dr. Nadim is a distinguished excellent doctor.

Heidi Sorour

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