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As an adult patient of Dr. Nadim, I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to undergo the treatment.
My teeth were a total mess and I moved on with my life, got married,
and travelled. Other orthodontists wanted so much time and a much difficult
But Dr. Nadim made the process very easy with tolerable payment plans and no surgery.
I even finished before my timeframe:)
Everything went great and my teeth actually look great now:)
I am proud of my new smile! If you are thinking if it is worth
the hassle? Will it improve the health of my teeth.. the answer
is YES..Just go to Dr. Nadim
Waseela Mostafa

Though this should have been fairly published in the official newspaper " الوقائع المصرية"
as I have promised ☺ , Yet I thought submitting it here would score higher number of readers .

In an attempt to express my appreciation of all of what you've done, a single "thank you" is never enough.
So I guess I owe you a…
Thank you for making me believe miracles can still happen.
Thank you for giving me hope that one can mold rigid tuff matters.
Thank you for being so tolerable with my stubborn teeth. Very patient with my silly endless argues and questions about my case.
Thank you for being very honest, sincere and professional dentist, for I have not seen many as such.
Thank you for helping me gain my self confidence back to show my wide smile with full pride.
Thank you Dr. Nadeem for fixing my teeth.
Thank you a 100 times.
Reem El Rimaly.

Dr. Nadim is a reliable trust worthy doctor, who has always treated me with respect and dealt with me as if I am his only client.
Omar Aziz Abed

Dear Dr. Nadim, I have to start out by saying you did a great job. As an adult it wasn’t easy for me to just go ahead and put braces but after my first consultation where you provided me with all the needed information in a very simplified way and helped me to understand my case, the decision was so easy. Throughout the whole process, I have encountered cleanliness, attention to details, patience in explaining every step, accuracy in time, efficiency and professionalism.
I am so pleased with the result. Every time I look at my teeth, I feel contented and very much appreciative to you and your team.
Thank you for giving me a beautiful smile 
Hana Abdel Meguid
June 2011

Hi Dr., I wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did on my teeth and he colorful colors you put on my teeth. You were very patient with me and I really appreciate it.

Love. Nada Emad 

Dear Dr. Mohamed Nadim, thank you so much for making me have a beautiful and confident smile. Your clinic looks like my friend’s home. Anytime I was there I felt comfortable and I’m sure anyone who comes will be as happy as myself.


I didn’t realize there’s going to be a big difference till I was done..

Khaled Ahmed Hassan

Doctor Nadim actually changed my life.. My smile.. My entire look. Ur a miracle. :D

Caroline Simolian

Egypt Country Manager Yala Music Company

Dr. Mohamed Nadim is a great dentist, he had fixed my teeth that were awfully misplaced with 2 row braces. After 30 years of extreme suffering, I’m proud of who I am now. Dr. Nadim is a distinguished excellent doctor.

Heidi Sorour.

I like to see what happens to my tooth when the doctor makes a hole in it. I like the toys he gives me. I like to watch cartoons on his screen. I also like the names of his tools, one is called asfoora. I also like playing with his son Hussein and I like playing with him .

Abdel Rahman Sani Eldin

Dear Dr. Mohamed Nadim, it was really nice at your clinic, you are a really nice doc. Every time I came to change my braces it was really clean and lovely at your clinic. You smile every time I come and there was many and very nice colors for the braces… I really enjoyed the time with you and I’m happy with my teeth right now. They are much better than before! And if I get another problem in my teeth, without thinking I will come to you!
Thank you a lot .

Nelly ElZawahry.

My experience with Dr. Mohammed Nadim and braces was much easier than I had expected it to be. I didn't like my smile before I had my braces, and now I proudly show off my teeth, after I took my braces off and saw my new smile I felt that I had went out and brought new teeth! It was absolutely wonderful.


I am pleased to write this humble note of appreciation to a one-of-a kind dentist who has the ability to beautify everything he touches. As one of his patients who was extremely annoyed with how my jaws looked like, I feel I should give him credit for a job well done by making it happen - a beautiful smile. Dr. Mohamed Adel Nadim is such a wonderful orthodontist who's got all what it takes. Thank you, Dr. Nadim, most sincerely for transferring me into another person; and a happier one.

Hala El Zahed
Journalism Program Leader

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